MOT Testing & Servicing… we make it easy

Xavier Auto Clinic’s MOT center, has been approved by the Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA), and all MoT tests are completed by testers nominated by VOSA.

Now you can book your MOT online, and if you like have the test completed up to one month before the expiry of your MoT.

If you’re the type of person that likes to “kill two birds with one stone”, perhaps you may want to consider arranging for Xavier Auto Clinic to also service your car service at the same time as your MOT?

With trained technicians, the latest diagnostic equipment, guaranteed parts and labour – why pay more elsewhere?

Having your car MoT tested couldn’t be easier, simply;

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We can fine-tune your car

At Xavier Auto Clinic we’re continually looking for
value ideas that will benefit
our customers and their vehicles.


Perhaps you haven’t heard of Terraclean yet… but it’s just a matter of time before you do.


Already part of the Franchised Dealer service plan in the US, for vehicle manufacturers like Subaru and others, when TV mechanic Edd China tested it and thereafter certified Terraclean for his own garage – it was a “no brainer” we had to look into it.


So what is Terraclean?


A new technology to the UK, and the only de-carbonising service of its kind in the world, in a nutshell TerraClean Decarbonisation is a valet for all the Internal parts of your engine and exhaust system.


Not to be confused with off the shelf fuel treatments, and to be only operated by trained automotive professionals, Terraclean is a balance of highly refined chemicals complimented by a remarkable patented technology, which once applied – you will most definitely notice the difference.


Terraclean has ton of benefits, but primarily it will save you cash by significantly improving your vehicles efficiency and performance. For the ecologically aware an added bonus, Terraclean will also help you do your part for the environment by considerably reducing vehicle emission.


Before endorsing Terraclean at Xavier Auto Clinic we tested it comprehensively a number of times, and noticed impressive improvements in fuel economy. Predominately we recognised a pattern of enhancement performance with our customers that had second hand cars, and in particularly those with vehicles that did or had relative high mileage.


The Terraclean process takes up to 1 hour, and after working in the industry for years we would highly recommend it to anyone that has high mileage on their clock, or those of you that travel an extensive number of motorway miles.


In conclusion, Terraclean is a package that will not only prolong the life of your ignition and exhaust system, but will also reduce costly vehicle repairs and in the long run, most definitely pay for itself.


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Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

You’re driving along on your merry way when a light flashes up on the dashboard, something not quite right… Sound familiar?

computer diagnostic

At Xavier Auto Clinic our car diagnostic scanner represents the cutting edge of automotive diagnostic technology. We use it to offer you manufacture quality, electronic diagnostics for your vehicle and better yet the reports are simple to understand and affordable.

The diagnostic system that we use covers a comprehensive range of vehicle models, an essential tool and perfect for any niggling issues you may find with your car, which you can’t work out. Rest assured we won’t be giving you any “bells and whistles” but we’ll help you get right to the problem – quickly and efficiently to provide you with a ready diagnosis report that will tell you exactly what’s going on with your vehicle.

Our service covers a broad range of vehicle systems for all European, US and Asian cars, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, and many more! All in all we can offer you diagnostics spanning over 40 manufacturers, with up to 148 systems per vehicle.

So if you’re having one of those “in car experiences”, and you just can’t figure it out the problem, feel free to get in touch we would love to help.


Porsche Specialist

Expert in Porsche car Services

Porsche specialist for over 15 years, at Xavier Auto clinic we feel that Porsche manufactured cars offers owners the opportunity to drive an impressive class of vehicle.

We carry out all vehicle checks and standard services as set out in the Porsche Service Booklet. The full service package is dependent on vehicle and mileage as per Porsche’s specifications.

As a Porsche specialist we offer vehicle checks and standard services across the bandwidth of the range. From maintenance, wear and tear to performance and tuning of your Porsche-engineered vehicle, we like to think that your Porsche is in the right hands.

Our goal is to perform a Porsche service specific to your model, competently and quickly so you have the safest and most dependable means of transportation possible.


Porsche Specialist

Porsche Specialist

A Germany made vehicle, your Porsche may have as many as 30 to 40 on-board computers communicating at given time. And these computers have the ability to store from 20 to 50 different trouble codes at any given time, now that’s a lot of computers and a lot of codes.

As a Porsche Specialist to be at cutting edge of new technology, it’s crucial to have the latest in diagnostic equipment and software in house. So we make sure that the parts and techniques used to service your vehicle are authentic, either meeting or exceeding the original manufactured standards.

Your Porsche requires regular maintenance and timely repair. Each Porsche model has minor differences in their maintenance schedules, varying in line with mileage and vehicle age.  And as a Porsche specialist we are fully equipped to perform the necessary maintenance procedures to satisfy factory warranty.

Porsche Dealership alternative

I guess you could call us your dealership alternative.

It makes no sense to entrust your Porsche to any old garage because German made, means rigorous German standards. Your Porsche commands the experience and expertise of a professional mechanic that understands your vehicle inside out.

Great Choice

Your Porsche can be a great investment, and if correctly maintained will give you years of driving pleasure.

Our aim at Xavier Auto clinic is to deliver you the finest Porsche specialist service available. We have the equipment and technology to rival the dealerships, and look forward to keeping you safe on the road to enjoy all that your Porsche has to offer.

As experienced Porsche specialist we can perform the following services:

• Computerised Diagnostics
• Factory-Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
• Engine Tune Up and Repairs
• Transmission Repair and Services
• Expert Brake Services
• Electrical System Services
• Air Conditioning and Cooling System Services
• Steering and Suspension
• Shocks and Struts
• Exhaust System Repair
• Performance Upgrades
• And much more

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