Most Dangerous Road Situations

Most Dangerous Road Situations

Driving can be a fantastic privilege, and one that we can all enjoy at any time of the day or night. However, one of the big problems with the roads is that they can still be fatal if you aren’t careful about what you are doing, or indeed where you are going. If you are someone who believes that motor problems and breaking down on a dark, empty road is only for the horror films; think again.

Here are some of the most dangerous road situations that you can encounter, that can leave you in a blind panic should they ever occur;

Road Hijackings

It might sound like a nightmare but it happens far more than anyone would like to admit. one of those most dangerous road scenarios is if you are getting into your car and notice someone hanging around a parking lot or nearby street clocking you. If you feel concerned lock your doors immediately. You might not like to cast negative aspersions about everyone you see in the street, but this could be one of those most dangerous road situations you don’t want to take a chance with!

Most dangerous road situations

Most dangerous road situations

If you need to move things around in the car, do it once you have locked the doors and have got yourself secure and alone in the car. If you find yourself in a real hijacking – situation whether it’s the car or the purse – don’t resist. Your life is far more precious than the contents of a bag or your vehicle. If you are ever caught in the vehicle from behind, the easiest way to get out and escape is to yank one of their fingers back all the way. Used with all of your fingers and enough force, you should be able to snap the finger and give yourself time to escape.

Flat Tyre

If you ever find yourself with a dreaded flat tyre in a tunnel or on a road, you need to stop and take a deep breathe and think. When something goes wrong with your car, don’t get out of the vehicle to investigate this is potentially one of those most dangerous road situation . You aren’t a mechanic, and you are just making yourself an open bulls-eye for anyone of a negative persuasion.

If you cannot make a phone call for whatever reason to get the police, do not get out of the car – you will need to wait for a passerby to help. Even the emptiest piece of road will have someone come along eventually; stay within the car and talk o them through the window. Ask them to phone the police immediately as soon as they arrive, and if they refuse to do so roll up the window. Make sure there is always someone on the way.

Off A Bridge

A most dangerous road situation is the dreaded scenario of being run off, or driving off accidentally a bridge into the water. Bridges can be a terrifying accident waiting to happen and, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 384 people die per year on average from submersion with their vehicle crashing into the water.

Once you hit the water, you typically have a minute or so to get out. The side windows will be your best bet whilst the vehicle is still floating hasn’t yet started sinking. When the vehicle is floating, you simply need to make your exist – leave everything, don’t call for help, just get out. You have a very limited amount of time, so you need to move fast.

You can keep a Life Hammer for this exact situation in your car – they can smash in the windows quickly and allow you to get out to safety quickly. It also has a razor that can go through the seatbelts with ease, helping you escape if this function is broken from the crash.

In fact, the life hammer can be equally useful for the first two situations as a last act form of defence! Keep it in an easy to access location when driving like your pocket, so that you have instant access to it should anything occur.

To health and vehicle happiness

Your fearless mechanic,


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